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After a long, long hiatus due to personal issues I am once again online on a semi-regular basis. I am thinking about trying to breathe some life back into this community. If anyone is still around and still interested, I'll be posting some new prompts Saturday, and every Saturday thereafter.
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Hiya, I just discovered this community early this morning during a lull at work and I said to myself "Well, this sounds kind of super!"

Already I'm getting excited about the posted prompts, but I don't seem to know where to start. :) Likely I'll be writing primarily one-shot original fics, to keep me going and make sure I don't get stagnate yet again. As such I'll just be using my plain ol' journal.

I've enjoyed what I've seen so far and I'm looking forward to seeing more!
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Hey guys. The new prompt set is up! Enjoy!

I have a question for you guys. [personal profile] fannyfae and I were discussing adding a new section to the prompt sets. We were thinking about adding either a section based on runes or based on tarot cards. Let me know whether you guys like the idea and which one you might like! I've put an example of both below the cut. )
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In light of the no-commitment, no-pressure attitude of [community profile] thewritersnook, ALL my muses have seen fit to join, in hopes of getting somewhere with me.

Fandoms, Journals, and Names for any who care )
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Hey guys, someone pointed this out to me, and I can't believe I forgot to put this in the rules. No one is obligated to share which journals or characters you write for. I shared mine because this journal isn't one that I post fiction on. You guys don't have to do the same if you don't want to. You won't get in trouble.

I am very sorry if my intro post lead people to believe otherwise!

The Changes to the Rules:

**Note** Any information as to who owns what character or journal is kept confidential by the Mods. We will not share this information with anyone for any reason. It is the writer's choice whether or not to share which characters they write. We the Mods feel this is a matter of courtesy and respect to our fellow community members and we will guard their right to their privacy diligently.**
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I hope this is allowed, but I wanted to point out that even giving away codes daily, I'm still sitting on a ton of them, if anyone needs a code for a mun or muse journal. The drawback of having had about 20-odd muses on DW for most of this past year...
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Hello everyone. =) Newbie here. I'm Starflower, though you may call me Star if you wish to shorten it. This is exactly the type of community I've been looking for. It's amazing how a phrase or a picture or even just a word can spark a thousand page epic.

So I'm looking forward to reading what the rest of you folks come up with and I'm certainly looking forward to doing some writing myself. ^_^

Though I like many fandoms such as Myst, Doctor Who, Sanctuary, Stargate, and Psych, I will probably end up doing mostly original writing since fanfic isn't more forte.
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My name is [personal profile] sharpest_asp, and I've been convinced by two of my PITAs to let them play in a new playground. Most of my muses play on one of the comms I mod, or have in the past, but I am going to indulge them anyway.

I do love them, but they try to take over )
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-- and it would be the other Giovanni contingent.

Buona notte.

Like dear cousin Isabel's writer, my writer has become enamoured of a few characters that have very little written canon in White Wolf's [old]World of Darkness, but have immeasurable potential in my writer's darkly over-active imagination.

And now a word from my writer: )


Sep. 7th, 2010 12:45 am
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Greetings all :)  I am [personal profile] kitausu , the mun of several muses here on on DW.  Personally, I am a wee bit shy until I get to know someone, but most of my muses do not seem to have that problem.  A few are reserved, some are Vulcans after all, but others are more outgoing.  Some have been on hiatus or giving me the cold shoulder for awhile and others do not seem to want to shut up.

Meet the muses... )

When I am not playing with these muses, I enjoy writing general fanfic not necessarily from a muse's pov and original fic.  I am studying history and library sciences and consider myself a professional student so there is some classwork that requires doing.  I am also a gamer-  WoW, Sims 3, Star Trek Online for computer games (amongst others), various board games- Iron Dragon, Settlers of Caatan, chess, card games such as V:tES, poker.  Due to chronic pain in both knees and a wrist due to various injuries I am not much of an athlete although on days when the pain is bearable, I enjoy biking.  I love tennis and skiing but those activities are pretty much out of the question now.

Look forward to having fun here and meeting other muses and muns :)

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The wonderful [personal profile] fannyfae , mod of [livejournal.com profile] writers_muses , is helping out over here at [community profile] thewritersnook ! I am very excited! She has a lot of experience running communities like this, and I hope, with her help, this community takes off as well as Writers Muses did over at LiveJournal.


Sep. 6th, 2010 06:29 pm
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Hello! I'm [personal profile] ashtoreth and the writer behind many muses that have joined the community. I really should stop reading text messages when I'm supposed to be resting and recuperating... Nah!

Allow me to introduce my muses: )

P.S. I unashamedly and unrepentantly borrow the muses of my co-writers, more specifically [personal profile] george_carter and [personal profile] ambrogino_giovanni, from time to time with much love, great affection, and offerings of James May goodness.


Sep. 5th, 2010 09:41 pm
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We have a few new affiliates!

[community profile] muse_prompts - A comm with prompt suggestions every 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th
[community profile] musing_way - A claimed muse RP and prompt writing comm
[community profile] parthenon
[community profile] nowallareone - A Transformers based RP comm

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to make sure people know it's perfectly fine to post prompt-related fiction to the community itself! Also, check out our OOC community [community profile] writersooc . That's where I'll put all the important announcements! It's also a good place to get to know everyone posting to the prompt comm!


Sep. 3rd, 2010 04:48 pm
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Welcome to the Writer's Nook. My name is Jessica and I just arrived at Dreamwidth from Livejournal. I work full time in security and I've been getting a degree in computer science in my spare time. I've been role-playing online on and off for about seven years now. In my spare time, I'm addicted to professional wrestling, motorcycles, horse-back riding, World of Warcraft, and occasionally GIMP.

I created the Writer's Nook as a prompt community open to all fiction writers, from those who write fanfiction to those who write original characters. The aim is to have fun and encourage everyone to write.

If there are any questions or concerns, I can be reached through private message here, through my email (aerrin at gmail dot com) or through AIM (adriengriffon). I don't bite, honest. ;)

A few of my characters... )
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The Writer's Nook is a prompt community very similar to The Muses Stage, Writers Muses, and others on Livejournal. We are in no way affiliated with these communities, but rather founded by a writer who wanted to see more prompt communities on Dreamwidth. Prompts are posted every two weeks. Our goal is to give you a wide variety of prompts to choose from.

The Rules:

1. This community is open to all fandoms. Muses can be taken from literature, movies, comic books, television, myths, real people from the past or present, and original characters. There is no character limit.

2. Duplicate Canon muses are acceptable. Duplicate Original Characters are not. If you suspect someone is stealing your work, please contact an admin.

3. There is no activity check. Post when a prompt moves you, and don't worry about about being removed for lack of activity. We understand that not every prompt moves you to write a post!

4. Please keep the drama to a minimum. We love reading in-character drama in your writing. We don't like out-of-character drama so much. Please, if you have any problems, get in touch with an admin and we'll help mediate the problem.

Regarding Posts:

1. Every two weeks, usually on Saturday or Sunday, a new prompt set will be put up. This prompt set will include quote prompts, picture prompts, word prompts, a role-play prompt, and a mun prompt. Feel free to answer as many as you want!

2. Responses to the prompts should be a minimum of 100 words. Please place any responses over 400 words behind a cut.

3. Please place any material that is not safe for work or children behind a cut and make sure the NSFW warning is visible. This community is meant to be fun, and we don't want anyone getting in trouble.

When labeling your post, in the subject line please try to include:

The prompt set number and sub topic number or letter and the title of your piece. Example:

22.1a - Lost

At the bottom of your post, please also include the following:

Word Count:

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact an admin.

**Note** Any information as to who owns what character or journal is kept confidential by the Mods. We will not share this information with anyone for any reason. It is the writer's choice whether or not to share which characters they write. We the Mods feel this is a matter of courtesy and respect to our fellow community members and we will guard their right to their privacy diligently.**
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